Our plant health care methods are state of the art in Arboriculture. Our goal is to keep your plants healthy and happy, while working in a safe environment for everyone. We use biological insecticides, horticultural oils, micro-injections, mycorrihizae and organic fertilizers whenever possible.

We implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in all of our annual plant health care (PHC) programs.

Services offered:
* Tree and Shrub Spraying for insects, disease - Winter Moth, Gypsy Moth, Bark Beetle prevention, etc…
* Systemic bark treatments
* Tick Spraying
* Tree, Shrub, Ornamental fertilizing, bio-stimulant applications
* Micro-injection
* Poison Ivy Control
* Dormant Oil Applications
* Winter Protection Applications (Anti-desiccant treatment) for broadleaf and needled evergreens